Extra High Voltage (EHV) Transmission Line Right-of-Way Clearing & Access Roads
Cholla Power Plant Sediment Tank Replacement
32MW Photovoltaic Solar Plant Site Development
Broadway Substation Site Development
85-Acre Make-up Water Pond
Make-up / Blowdown Structures Hypochlorite Trench
210-Acre Evaporation Pond
Design-Build 230kV & 69kV Trilby Wash Substation
Mesquite Solar Electrical Interconnection
Gillespie Solar Site Development
Design-Build Chisholm Road 230kV Power Substation
Design-Build Whiteriver EHV Power Substation
Design-Build A. J. Swope 230kV Power Substation
Design-Build Ocotillo Power Plant Modernization
Design-Build Cassava Power Substation
Robert and Fairview Substations Site Development and Right-of-Way Clearing
Power Substation Site Development
Miles - Cedar Hill 69kV Transmission Line Right-of-Way Clearing (53 miles)
Friend Ranch-Sonora 69kV Transmission Line right-of-Way Clearing (32 miles)
Orchard 69kV Power Substation Site Development